Workout Vlog 6 – Back With A Mission!

I’ve been on and off my Social Media for a couple of months now. My blogging and Youtubing efforts have been sporadic. I apologise to all of my fans for that. I’ve been going through a tough time, and I needed to let go of everything for a while. Hell, I even cancelled my gym membership! I couldn’t get any lower than that, right?

Well, that’s enough whining. I’m back at it now. I’ve made another video. I’ve tried a slightly different syle with this one, because on the day, I didn’t feel much like talking (sorry). Please let me know if you prefer this style of vlog or if you prefer the ones where I’m being a crazy person.

I worked on my back, abs and arms – I couldn’t get a few of the workouts in the video because it would have been too long. Let me know what you think!

I hope you guys like it!

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