Walking to work – The best thing for beginners

So I took a break from working out for a good year or so. I lost an awful lot of strength, my cardio was a lot worse and I was getting fat. In fact, I’m still overweight now!

I started my journey back to fitness by getting a gym membership, and more importantly walking to work.

Now I understand that walking to work every day isn’t always practical due to rain, early meetings and so on, but I still tried to walk to work most days.

I only have to cover 4km to get to work, I’m quite lucky in that sense. So what can you do if walking to work isn’t an option? Well, that’s simple; park at the far side of the car park when you drive to work. If you get the bus, get off a few stops earlier.

Why is walking so good?

Walking is a great means to quickly and almost effortlessly improve your cardio. You might not feel it, but it takes a similar amount of energy to run 1km, as it does to walk 1km – but it really does not feel like it!

All that time you are out walking, it gives your brain time to think about all that information we have to process during the day – which in turn reduces stress levels.

Because walking is a form of exercise, it improves skin complexion by causing your pores to open up, and the increased blood flow helps transport nutrients to your skin and muscles.

Another great reason is simply because it wakes you up in the morning so you’re ready to take in all the information at your next meeting.

Why is walking so good for weight loss?

As I said before it is a brilliant tool for weight loss because it gives you an easy way to burn calories! It takes roughly 10-15 minutes to walk 1km depending on your walking pace; this can burn close to 100 calories straight off the bat!

It might not seem a lot but if you walk to, and from work, and work is 2km away that’s 400 calories in the day! Now add a 1-hour gym session at the end of the day and you could burn an extra 700 calories per day!

To Conclude

Walking is a great way to get the following results:

  • Lose weight by effectively managing your time
  • Lower your stress levels
  • Improve your cardio level
  • Promote healthy heart function
  • Wake you up ready for the day ahead

Keep hustlin’

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5 Replies to “Walking to work – The best thing for beginners”

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      I couldn’t agree more! I also use a Fitbit (Surge) because I enjoy running and it kind of made me understand how children and teenagers keep the weight off – they walk everywhere! It is such a simple exercise that is so commonly overlooked. Too many people want an exciting exercise (HiiT workouts for example) that they can do in 30 minutes and then they go and sit on the sofa watching TV for the rest of the week.

    2. Haha, I know the type of people you mean. They’ll sweat it out in a LEs Mills class and then decline a walk home with me and get in their car! My walk (in to uni and out of uni) adds another 400kcal burnt to my day. Amazing! It’s like we’re being rewarded for being in debt and not being able to afford a car!x

    3. I have a car, I can afford the petrol, insurance, tax and maintenance – well just abouts! But why would i pay for that when I can save the petrol for long distance journeys needed to experience life in the mountains, cities and coastline? I find Calorie expenditure much more affordable.

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