True or False – 5 Workout myths – 6 meals a day to get ripped

Hey you guys, I’ve recently been experimenting with intermittent fasting.  Which means my breakfast consist of nothing and my lunch consists of all of the same, nothing.

Personally, I think I have chosen the wrong time to do it with Summer being upon us and thunderstorms raging. This means it is incredibly hot and I get incredibly hungry.

So I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks now and I’ve got to say, it is working! I’m eating one meal a day and I’m putting on muscle mass whilst losing weight.

Now  I must admit, if I’m training, I’ll more than likely have an apple at 2pm to help give me some energy before my workout. But if you think about it, come 5:00 when I leave work, I’ve only consumed 100 calories. If you ask me, that’s great! I then go for my workout, and then I’ll come home and pig the fuck out! I’m talking a large chicken breast, mashed potato or rice, a pint and last but not least, a bag of chocolate! YUM!

I know, I know, everybody thinks this is bad for your body, it can’t be healthy. I mean seriously one meal a day!? Am I mad!? Well frankly, I must be. It’s hard, I mean it is one meal a day when we have all been brought up having at the least 3 meals a day.

It isn’t for everybody, that much is clear. If you don’t want to do it then don’t. But, I find doing it this way I can take out all the guesswork about how many calories I’m eating and just pig out at the end of the day without any worries. Of course, if you do wish to try it then check out The Warrior Diet.

I’ve lost 5lbs over 2 weeks and I’ve put on 1lb of muscle too! As you can imagine, I’m trimming up rather nicely.

So NO, you don’t need to eat 6 meals a day to get ripped. You can do, but it’s not the only way to do it.

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