True or False – 5 Workout myths – No Pain, No Gain

Hey, guys, I’ve been running a few blogs on True or False – 5 commonly believed workout myths. (Thanks to @TheLondonFella on Twitter for the idea!)

This is one of the biggest misconceptions ever brought to the gym. I don’t know how many people I have seen push themselves to near breaking point in the gym, whilst shouting at one another ‘no pain, no gain bro!’.

According to Wikipedia, the phrase became popular after Jane Fonda started using it during her Aerobic Workout videos back in 1982. It expresses the belief that we must experience pain to gain muscle.

In fact, my old training partner (@Sirikeir) was quite an advocate of the saying, claiming that you MUST feel a pump and experience pain to make gains. I disagree.

You should definitely feel pain a day or two after your workout (DOMS – Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness), but feeling pain during your workout is often a good indicator that you should hit the showers or at least slow it down.

So yes, to make gains you must experience pain. But the pain you should feel should be from the DOMS you experience the day after.

Thanks for reading this weeks post on the 5 commonly believed workout myths. Come back next week to hear some more on this!

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