Training whilst travelling

Being able to exercise whilst on the move is difficult at the best of times. I have been on the road a lot over the past couple of weeks. Well, actually, it was more like in the air and on a track (plane and train).

So it has been difficult for me to workout whilst I’ve been travelling. Last week I was in Dublin, this week I am on my travels to London. So how am I fitting this into my workout routine?

Well, that’s simple; you don’t find time for working out. You have to make time!

Of course, that doesn’t come without its difficulties. It’s hard. It’s tiring. But, you need to push through if you wish to meet your goals!

There are plenty of people in the world that blame the state of their weight on genetics. To me, that’s just an excuse. You are in complete control! (I will talk about this more in my next blog)

Anyway, moving on…

My Checklist

When I travel, I always make sure I have my checklist ticked off. It goes a little something like this:

  • Running shoes
  • Gym towel
  • Running / gym clothes
  • Suit (for the event we are hosting)
  • Check the area for a local branch of my gym
  • Gym card (if there is a gym in the area)
  • Shower Gear
  • Laptop (so I can blog and work)

As you can see, the running / gym gear is at the top of the list, because, I prioritise my fitness. If I can’t fit these essentials into my suitcase because I have too much work stuff to bring with me (this actually happens quite often) then I plan my week differently.

My usual week

Monday is back day

Tuesday I work on my chest and shoulders

Wednesday I rest (contingency day)

Thursday is leg day

Friday is for arms and abs

Weekend is for rest (Saturday contingency day)

My Week whilst travelling

This is what a week looks like when I’m on the road. Of course, this is always subject to change.

Monday is back day

Tuesday I go for a run before departure

Wednesday is rest day (long day doing event type things and going home)

Thursday I pick up where I left off with chest and shoulders.

Friday is leg day

Saturday is arms and legs

Sunday rest day

I try to stick to this plan as best I can, sometimes I fall short but I’ll leave it at that and move onto next week. Again, I will be posting more on this in one of my next posts My golden rules. If you’d like to see this, make sure you follow my blog below.


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    1. I definitely get bored that’s for sure. I actually wrote this blog (and 3 more…) whilst on my 2 hour train journey from Manchester to London. I Tend not to get leg ache though as when i get restless i shake my legs a lot haha :L
      Thanks, I made it a long time ago and I’ve stuck to the same plan for years now. Maybe I should blog that next 😀

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