Food Prep’s important

Food Prep - salmon and vegetables

Food preparation can be a pretty daunting task. It requires discipline and determination. But, how many of us are actually already practising the food prep routine?

You may or may not be surprised to find out many of us are already preparing food for the next day at work. So, if you are already preparing food for one day, why not get a bigger pan and prep your food for the week, or half of the week instead? It may take a large chunk of your time on the day of prep, but you’ll save loads of time over the course of the week. Continue reading “Food Prep’s important”

Vlog #3 – My Weightloss Experience

vlog meme - protein, nutrition to help with gains

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working towards my own fat loss goal. I started my journey weighing in at 78kg. I am now 76kg and making good progress so far.

Find out how I make it so easy in the video below.

I’m starting to post video’s on Youtube and my social media profiles, so be sure to stop by and check them out at YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and my Facebook Page.

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