I was a mess – Slimming World – Week 2

Week 2 with Slimming World was hard

Slimming World during the Easter period was a nightmare. Admittedly though, it was all my fault! I had a really bad weekend.

Chocolate Truffles are evil

It all started off with one little piece of chocolate truffle. Which, as we all know, leads into dangerous territory. You either step back and leave it at that or you just binge. I chose to binge and I felt awful. I had cheated myself of all the weight I could have lost. Knowing that I had already cheated myself once and I was at a syn count of 30 out of 20, I thought ‘screw it’, I’m going out. Continue reading “I was a mess – Slimming World – Week 2”

Food Prep’s important

Food Prep - salmon and vegetables

Food preparation can be a pretty daunting task. It requires discipline and determination. But, how many of us are actually already practising the food prep routine?

You may or may not be surprised to find out many of us are already preparing food for the next day at work. So, if you are already preparing food for one day, why not get a bigger pan and prep your food for the week, or half of the week instead? It may take a large chunk of your time on the day of prep, but you’ll save loads of time over the course of the week. Continue reading “Food Prep’s important”