Personal Training – Coming Soon!

It’s an exciting time for me to offer Personal Training. But, a very frightening position to be in too! I’m currently prepping my new business model so that I can start working as a Personal Trainer. I have a job lined up and I’m going to be my own boss.


I won’t lie to you, I’m not 100% on who my target market is. However, I would be happy to train anybody that does not have a physical restriction, as my qualifications would not allow me to stretch past the realms of a ‘healthy’ individual. If you pass an initial Par-Q form, I will be able and happy to train you.


So, I have to think of a suitable trading name which embodies health and fitness, but more importantly my simplistic brand. After all, I am about keeping diet, nutrition and fitness simple and too the point. There is absolutely no reason to over complicate your training program.


I will be based in a gym named The Locker – which is a Personal Training facility. I have been going there regularly over the past few weeks talking about the set up they have, what they wish to achieve and working out whether this gym would be a good fit for me. It’s a bit out of the way but the facility is awesome!


I will become a fully qualified Personal Trainer by the 5th of May and I hope to begin my career offering Personal Training shortly after. More to come on this front so I’ll keep you posted. I’m also going to be offering Online Coaching too. More to come on both of these shortly.

Most Importantly, Why?

Why do I want to train people to get the best out of their body? Because I love to help people. I think the end goal for me is to become a physiotherapist and help to train people back to health. However, I’ve got to try this first! Who knows, I could even get hooked on getting bodybuilders into shape or helping people lose weight.

So, if you’ve got some sort of fitness goal, please do get in touch!

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