How heartache has changed my goals

A Quick History Lesson

Throughout my adult life I have been a strength trainer. I haven’t much cared for any cardio work, until recently anyway. All I’ve ever wanted is to look and feel STRONG.

In my teenage years, I was one of the quiet ones. The type of lad you would find sat with the ‘geeky’ kids. Heck, I got bored with playing football (or soccer if you’re American) with all the alpha boys claiming they were the top dog – I felt inferior. Continue reading “How heartache has changed my goals”

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are a great source of information. They have the knowledge to help you get to your dream body so long as you are willing to put the work in.

But there is a bit of a problem with Personal Trainers. How many personal trainers do you know that look the part? That have the muscle definition like a fitness magazine model? Well, I have been to a few gyms in my 5 years of working out and unfortunately I have only seen maybe 1 out of every 20 that look similar to model material. Continue reading “Personal Trainers”

HIIT Workouts

Me using battle ropes

So I tried a couple of days of High Intensity Interval Training last week. Some of you may have noticed this on my Instagram or Facebook page, if you didn’t be sure to click on the links and start following me. Oh and don’t forget Twitter!

So it’s week one, and I’ve not done anything different with regards to my eating and drinking habits. It’s all pretty regular; no diet as such, just keeping an eye on the calories.

Remarkably I have lost 1.1kg (or 2.3lbs), where as before I had plateaued and actually started gaining weight! So why has this happened? Have I shocked my body into losing more weight? Continue reading “HIIT Workouts”