One Step Closer with Personal Training Qualifications

Hey you guys, I’ve recently found a great deal so that I can get my qualifications to become a Personal Trainer. That’s right, in the next few years, I might be in a gym training people.

So the next year or so is going to be really difficult. I’m working, learning out of office hours, training myself and I’ll be helping my girlfriend train. This is going to be hectic!

Anybody that knows me will know that I have wanted to do this for years. I’ve actually been contemplating this career for over 5 years now but, back when I was riding Suzy (my motorbike) All my friends were telling me if I broke my leg/arm in an accident, I’d basically be out of a job – they couldn’t have been more right.

I’ve worked in Marketing for a year now, its great! I absolutely love marketing as a profession, and hopefully, when I launch my own gym (the goal is 7 years from now), I can use everything I have learned to help promote my own business.

I have no intention of leaving marketing for quite some time, I’m happy where I work, but it would be great to have the knowledge required to become a personal trainer. It means two things:

  1. I can learn how to work out my body in an optimal way so that maybe one day, I might just be competing for something (bodybuilding/boxing/powerlifting – I haven’t decided yet).
  2. If I ever do decide I want to change career, I have the perfect qualifications to get my dream job!

I’ll still be blogging, although, I may actually have to head over to YouTube and do some vlogging instead to try and save on some time but I’ll figure that out on the way.

Has anybody else got qualifications for being a Personal Trainer? If you have please share how you felt about getting them and if you found the course helpful for your own goals.

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