Oh honey you’re not fat!

Hey, everybody, I’m going to be a bit controversial with what I’m saying in today’s post.

As the title suggest’s it is about you not being fat (in society’s eyes). I can’t stress that enough otherwise you’re going to think I’m criticising you all – pot calling the kettle black much. (That means being a hypocrite by the way.)

We’ve all had it, parent’s, friends, partners etc. all saying ‘Oh honey, you’re not fat!’. When they say it, they are basically saying you don’t look ‘too fat’ or in other words, morbidly obese. The sad fact is, in modern society, it is perfectly acceptable to be medically overweight (with a BMI of over 25 – like myself). I use the term medically overweight because, if a doctor were to look at your BMI and see it was over 25, they would say you were overweight.

Needless to say, doctors say you are overweight for a reason, it can cause certain complications if left too long. None of which I am going to talk about today – maybe another day.

So, back to the point. It really annoys me when I say I’m trying to lose weight, I’m going on a diet etc. and somebody feels the need to tell me that I’m not fat. Well, thank you very much! No, seriously, this can have big implications within itself.

How many people do you think got to 20 stone, because too many people said ‘you’re not fat, what are you dieting for?’ I’ll tell you right now, that’s how I managed to get fat.

I kept telling myself (with help from others, mind) ‘I’m not too fat yet, I can leave it until later’. Who else is with me on this one?

Now I understand, the matter should be taken delicately. There is no need to shout-out ‘Hey, who ate all the pies fatty!’ That’s just down right rude. But, we do need to be saying ‘hey, I’ve noticed you’re looking a bit fuller, is everything ok?’ The same sort of thing can be applied for somebody losing too much weight!

Both weight loss and weight gain could be down to depression, problems at home, the or whatever else. It is all of our responsibility to help look after each other, the best way we can. Sometimes, that means being cruel to be kind and telling your friends and loved ones, they have put on a few pounds.

Who knows, if there is no problem now, they may be able to avoid getting depressed about their weight in the future! The earlier this kind of thing is dealt with, the easier it is to fix.

If you’d like to share your views and comments, please do, I’d love to hear your input!

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