My Golden Rules that lead towards success

Golden rules make it seem like I’m trying to educate primary school children, but hey, it’s a good a phrase as any.

Anyhow there are some rules that I always have to stick to. And you should too!

My Golden Rules

Sunday is a rest day

Not because I’m the religious type, but, because it’s something I’ve been taught throughout my life. It is the end of the week, and a good time to reflect on what you have accomplished, and what you didn’t do so well during the week.

Every week is a new week.

This is vital, we all have our plans, but, some of us forget that if we don’t leave the past in the past we will never move forward and grow. If you missed leg day one week because you were too busy, learn from your mistake, plan to avoid the same mistake and move forward!

Every day is different.

Regardless of how badly the day went, today is a new day. Get back to the gym, park or wherever it is that you workout and smash yesterday’s performance out of the park!

Learn from your mistakes.

Life itself is one big lesson; if you don’t learn from it, you are bound to fail! Failure to plan is preparation to fail!

Plan for the future

Write down your goals. Make sure these are attainable and achievable. Review your progress to a certain goal every single week on a specific day. If you don’t reach your goal, try again!

Why do I follow these rules?

They are easy to follow, they can be incorporated into every part of your life. More important than anything else though, they work.

I’m far from being as successful as I want to be, but, I’m a hell of a lot further than I thought I would be 2 years ago. I have a great job, my finances are settled and next year I can start thinking about starting my own life.

I’m no different from anybody else, but that won’t stop me becoming the best version of myself.

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