My Confessions of Sin

Forgive me lord, for I have sinned. I have preached and failed to follow. Now I confess, to move forwards.

Over the past two weeks I have travelled with work to prepare events that we are hosting. One in London (England – UK) and one in Dublin (Ireland).

It’s been hard. I’ve had to cut a few corners, to perform my duties for work. But it gave me the awesome opportunity to write blogs whilst on the road.

Where did I go wrong?

Well frankly, I went wrong almost everywhere:

  • I didn’t rest properly
  • I drank far too much coffee (6 cups/day)
  • My diet went through the window. I couldn’t stop eating.
  • I drank alcohol excessively

How did this affect me?

I was irritable; and not the kind of irritable where you get road rage. I mean ignoring people because they said something in the wrong tone… I even snapped at my seniors! :O

I was extremely tired. Every night I was in bed at 22:00 and slept solid through till 7:30 but I never felt well-rested.

I’ve put on an 1.4kg of weight (3lbs). Considering I was making progress, this is a bad hit for me.

What did I do right?

This is much more important. If I can focus on the positives, I can learn from my mistakes and plan for the future. So what did I do right?

  • I carried on pushing myself in the gym
  • I exercised whilst I was away
  • I’ve contributed to a great event (well, 3 in fact)
  • I’ve learned a valuable lesson
  • I’m ready to progress!

What’s next?

Now I’m back. It is time for me to remember my Golden Rules. I need to forget about the week behind me and move forward. Who knows, I might just lose that extra weight this week, if I do it properly!

It’s time to move forward and make some more progress. Hopefully the right way!

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