Lose weight whilst partying!

Hey, I went out this weekend and I was thinking to myself I am going to put all of that weight I lost, back on over the weekend. It gave me the awesome chance to try a few things out. However, there could be different options that work better…

The simple answer to the question is YES you can! In fact, I think I actually burnt more calories on the night than I normally do on the average cardio + gym day.

Everybody loves getting out so now we will discuss how.

Don’t go to the pub that’s a 5-minute walk away from the kebab shop! You’re bound to fail if you do that.

Go to the club that’s in the middle of town but skip the cab after the train journey, walk to the club instead. I know it might be cold but that 15-minute walk will likely burn about 200 calories. It might not seem much but with the heavy drinking, you need to prepare for the number of calories you’re about to consume!

Image displaying how I lost weight using the fitbit app

How can you do this?

Dance. Dance a lot! If you are like me and don’t dance – learn! you’re in a club FFS! I don’t personally know how many calories the body burns whilst dancing, but trust me, it’s more than likely going to outweigh the amount that you are drinking. If you do this, you are bound to lose weight.

Now for the hard part. You have to think about what you eat on the way home. You’re drunk as a fart (stupidly drunk for anybody that isn’t familiar with the term) and you’re starting to get ridiculously hungry. Well, let me tell you, 9 times out of 10 you’re not hungry, just bored and drunk, so skip the greasy kebab and go straight to bed.

Oh and we can’t forget one of the most important pieces here. Drink loads of water when you get home, I try and drink at least 1 pint of water before going to bed and I have another pint of water ready for when I wake up numerous times throughout the night. This helps with two things; the dreaded hangover and the lack of fluids in your body.

There is only one more thing I need to say on this one. Have plenty of fun! Drink responsibly, don’t throw up all over the dance floor and have yourself a great time. If you’re lucky you’ll come home a few pounds lighter. In weight I mean, of course, you’ll come back a few £££ lighter too, but it is all in the name of fun 🙂

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