I’ve finally done it! I’m a gym instructor!

I’ve done it.

It’s been a long and tiring road. Partly because of the blogging, partly because of work and partly because of general life. However, I’ve hit a massive milestone! I’ve instructed my first gym session with a client – albeit in test conditions. I passed both of my theory test’s with flying colours and now my coursework is complete.

I can’t stop here, though, I must keep going. What’s the point in becoming a Health and Fitness coach if I can’t become a PT? I’ve got to finish my Level 3 certificate next and I’m sure that’s going to be even more difficult! Hopefully, if I can find a job in a gym, it will make it a little easier as I’ll be able to apply what I’m learning to my work, and vice versa! Kind of like when people say to learn a language properly, you have to live in the country and speak their language.

I’m literally so excited to be a gym instructor!

“First I was afraid, I was petrified” as the Gloria Gaynor used to sing. I’ve got a stable job in marketing, why would I want to rock the boat and shift? Well, the truth is It was all part of my plan. Granted the plan has changed slightly. I wanted a job in marketing to help me understand how to grow and market myself as a fitness professional. Well, now I can do that. I have the tools, the knowledge and determination to make Personal Training a success. Just like our old friend Gloria Gaynor… I will survive.

I will be a gym instructor, I will be a personal trainer.

Also, I’d like to add that there will be some improvements made to the site in the upcoming months so that I can start offering new services. Please be ready 🙂

Keep hustlin’

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