The Importance of Holidays and Breaks

I’m sure we’re all at that point now where we are starting to realise we are 1/4 of the way through the year and it’s time to start thinking about booking that trip away.

But now you’re thinking, what about my progress? I’ve been so good and I’m achieving my goals – will I not be wasting my time and hard effort? The answer is a straight up, NO.

Think of it as if it were your phone. Every now and again, you have to let it rest and leave it to recharge. It might feel like torture whilst it’s away and I understand it’s a hardship for most people. However, the end result is completely justified. Your body needs to recharge in the same way, and I don’t mean just by sleeping more.

It’s imperative whilst you’re on holiday that you try to stick to your sleeping and eating habits as best you can. But at the same time, it’s healthy to let go a little bit. Treat yourself to a mixed grill and the odd drink (if you drink alcohol). Life is not meant to be a constant burden. As a matter of fact, My diet was thrown to the wall on my last holiday (last week). I was eating a mixed grill every day and a big cooked breakfast too! But it was fuel for my mind. I have come back with twice the determination to complete my weight loss goal.

My advice, if you’re bored of the same old routine and you feel the need to shake things up. go right on ahead, book that holiday and spoil yourself. you might gain a few lbs of fat, but hopefully, you’ll come back excited about the prospect of killing a session on the track or in the gym.

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