I got beat by a girl! – Daily Vlog #3

So it’s day 3 of the daily vlog. Today I started the day in high spirits and was motivated enough to get everything done. In fact, I’ve noticed that with the daily vlogging. It’s given me so much more enthusiasm!

Food Prep

So I started the day doing some food prep. I’ve got to admit, a few things went wrong, like losing my wallet and finding it again but in the end, everything worked out A-Okay. So once I had finished editing the vlog and scheduling it for YouTube, it was time to prepare the food for the week. This week I was short on money and again I had a few hiccups on the way so I had to keep it simple. Chicken, cauliflower and broccoli.  100g of each, which works out around 170cals per meal. Not a lot, I know but I always top up my calories with a protein shake or a chocolate bar (I know, I know, I shouldn’t…).

Pure Fat Loss

I got beat by a girl

That’s right folks, I got beaten by a girl during Pure Fat Loss. Pure Fat Loss is a 30-minute boot camp like activity created by PureGym. The instructor had us doing Tudor push-ups, squats, burpees, long jumps and many more bodyweight exercises. Towards the end, he had us doing ab crunches and a period workout (5:1 to 4:2 and so on until we reach 1:5) on burpees and squat jumps. She beat me by 45 second on the period workout and beat me on the ab crunches by at least 10 (the most in 60 seconds).

Anyway, Now you know what the score is… you’re itching to watch the video right? 😉


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