How Can I Diet On A budget?

So this is a question I get asked fairly often. How can I eat a healthy diet without spending a fortune? I can break this down very simply and I will do later on in this article so be sure to keep reading.

Diet planning, in its simplest form, is very easy. Too many people think that you have to spend hours planning and far too much money shopping for exotic foods and of course, you have to find time for the gym. Here’s a question for you. How many Instagram accounts do you follow that show all these uber-healthy meals that took 30 minutes to prepare the finest foods from far far away lands? I for one have followed around 30 that do exactly that.

What if I told you, you could simply break down the day into 3 meals? But wait, I’ve been told you need to eat 6 meals a day to get shredded! – Stop right there.

The key method behind fat loss is calories in vs. calories out. You need to burn more calories than you consume, it’s really that simple with a diet. (Check out my last blog for more information on that)

So then, as I promised. Let us discuss the premise of dieting on a budget. This couldn’t be any simpler because you don’t need any exotic foods – although they are a nice to have. All you need to do is have 3 decent sized meals a day.


Porridge, cereal or toast


Lean meat or fish and some leafy greens (salad)


Lean meat or fish with pasta, rice or on a baked potato.

Not appetising enough? Get some herbs and spices from your local supermarket, throw some in whilst you’re cooking – that’ll spice things up a little! (excuse the pun).

Now how is this got anything to do with a budget? Well, that’s easy, if you follow this standardised meal plan, you can go shopping and spend £30 a week like you normally do and still have change left. Believe it or not, vegetables, especially leafy greens, are not that expensive. I assume the most of the other food you already buy anyway!

If you want to see what my budget diet looks like, post a comment in the section below!

And on that note, I must leave you. Until my next video/vlog, see you next time!

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