How heartache has changed my goals

A Quick History Lesson

Throughout my adult life I have been a strength trainer. I haven’t much cared for any cardio work, until recently anyway. All I’ve ever wanted is to look and feel STRONG.

In my teenage years, I was one of the quiet ones. The type of lad you would find sat with the ‘geeky’ kids. Heck, I got bored with playing football (or soccer if you’re American) with all the alpha boys claiming they were the top dog – I felt inferior.

I emerged from my shell just after college. I started going to the gym to build that strong-looking body with broad shoulders and biceps you could crush a skull with. I was angry with the world. I felt I had something to prove. And so my journey began.

Getting stronger (18 years old)

Once I had finished college, I felt the need to become better than everybody else. I was selfish. I spent far too much time at the gym, a lot more than was necessary, and usually alone.

I ruined an awful lot of relationships because I felt I was better than everybody else. I lost girlfriends, I lost friends. I didn’t mind. I mean, why did I need them anyway; they held me back… right?

Wrong. My perception of life quickly changed after my dog passed away, following a car accident. Have you ever seen Marley & Me? Well my dog was pretty much the same in personality.

I couldn’t bring myself to come home for 3 weeks. The house lacked a certain energy he injected into our lives. And that’s when I realised, I was the weakest person I knew.

Trying to Rebuild (19 years old)

At 19 I was still hurting after my recent loss. I couldn’t talk about it. I figured I had to rebuild; so that’s what I did. I stopped going to the gym as often, I spent more time with friends and tried to reconnect with old friends.

Of course, the gym was still a part of my life. Instead of focusing on gaining muscle, I merely maintained my muscle mass. I didn’t want it to all go to my head again.

So I waited patiently until the right time came along. That moment never came, so I had to have a break.

Actually rebuilding (21 years old)

At 21,  I finally reconnected with another lost love of mine. Exercise. I had put on weight, I was 2 stone heavier than when I was 19.

This time however, I was interested in working out in teams. Be it with a workout partner in the weights room or playing tennis, badminton or running.

My goals have changed. I still want to be a huge muscular beast, but I also want to be able to run half marathons. I may have the genetics to help me get strong quickly. But I want to be the best version of myself!

Where I am now (22 years old)

I’m still very much at the start of my journey. I’m still learning what I am good at and what I’m bad at.

I used to be afraid of starting new things through fear of being mocked. Now I cherish the thought. It gives me a chance to prove everybody wrong! More than anything however, it gives me the power to try new experiences and experience life.

Why don’t you try something new today!

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