HIIT Workouts

So I tried a couple of days of High Intensity Interval Training last week. Some of you may have noticed this on my Instagram or Facebook page, if you didn’t be sure to click on the links and start following me. Oh and don’t forget Twitter!

So it’s week one, and I’ve not done anything different with regards to my eating and drinking habits. It’s all pretty regular; no diet as such, just keeping an eye on the calories.

Remarkably I have lost 1.1kg (or 2.3lbs), where as before I had plateaued and actually started gaining weight! So why has this happened? Have I shocked my body into losing more weight?

Unfortunately I don’t believe in all that nonsense. It could be very much true, but i haven’t had any sufficient evidence to say that you can shock your body into building muscle or lose weight. However, there is hardcore evidence to say that HIIT does help you lose weight and quite substantially.

Why is HIIT so good for Weight Loss?

So it’s true that when used properly weight loss is a lot easier during high intensity workouts. But why?

  • An increased resting Metabolic rate for up to 24 hours post-workout
  • Appetite suppression – that’s right, after your workout you no longer feel the need to eat! (Mainly because you feel sick because you’ve worked that hard)
  • Higher levels of fat oxidation within muscles
  • Burns more calories than standard, steady cardio

What have I gained from this?

I always like to summarise by sharing what I have learned from my experiences in a bid to help other people on the same journey as myself.

So after seeing such quick results, I plan on sticking to using HIIT twice a week. It is important for me because it helps me lose weight where i need to and more importantly, it will keep my muscles growing.

Another great benefit is the increased endurance levels. A lot of gym rats will tell you there is no need to improve endurance levels, but what they don’t tell you is they can’t run 5km without throwing up half way. That is of course an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

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