Everybody is different. You are unique.

I started a conversation with a couple of guys in the gym the other day whilst I was waiting for my partner to finish in the locker room. These guys were pretty average people – extremely nice people in fact for my gym. They’re usually quite rude there.

Anyway, these two were following the same diet and one of them was losing weight a considerable amount faster. Now I didn’t know these too so i played it cool and advised it was probably due to the height difference of the two. But, it gave me my next topic…

Everybody is Different.

Something that works for you might not work for your friend, and vice-versa. think about it for a moment. Why could this be true?

Think of it like this. A friend of mine weighs 78kg just like myself but he looks lean and defined. How is this possible you say? He is 6ft tall… That extra 4 inches really makes a difference! It means they have extra muscle mass, extra weight in their bones, more water content and so on. This leaves less room for fat.

Now if we think about it, most of the time we all eat the same sized portion of food. Which means we all eat the same amount of calories. So if my friend at 6ft, weighing in at 78 kg has more muscle and less fat.

This means he will need a higher caloric intake than I would at 5ft8. But we eat the same amount of food. So when we put science behind it, it becomes obvious. The smaller guy/girl is going to put on weight quicker / lose weight slower.

What can we do to help us reach our goals?

If you are a 5ft8 male like myself, it can be hard to lose weight. Well actually it’s not that hard. You just have to think realistically.

When you and your ‘bigger’ friend, be it in (fat, muscle or height) and you’re having a meal, don’t feel you need to eat an extra bit of food that’s on your plate just because it’s there. We should make our own portions to suit our own needs.

Consider your body type. Are you an endomorph, ectomorph or a mesomorph? If you’re like me you’re more than likely an endomorph.

Most importantly, think of a goal and head in that direction without delay!

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