Diets and doing them properly 100%

So I’ve been on and off dieting like a yo-yo for over the past year now. Last time I gave up on the fad diets, I lost weight quickly and I felt great! Then, I went on holiday, lost my willpower, ate, drank and slept far too much!

Dieting was a losing battle

From there on out, it was a losing battle again. I never fully committed to a ‘diet’ or lifestyle. It’s time for a change.

I always forget this is something that I have done before and that I CAN do again if I just put my mind to it. But, it’s so hard to do that when you try to think about everything you should do and everything you shouldn’t do. Lines become blurred, facts become twisted in your benefit – after all, one chocolate bar won’t hurt you… I’ll let you in on a secret. IT DOES!

To lose weight effectively and keep as much muscle mass as is humanly possible, you have to be extremely clinical and ruthless in your ways. you have to turn down the junk foods and only accept the food which is going to help you become healthier.

Once again, Taylor has made a grand meal for 2

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Healthy Habits

If you’re like me, however, addicted to chocolate and sugar; you may need to take these words with a hypothetical pinch of salt. You may find that your blood sugar levels fall way below normal levels, leading to irritation and even some disorientation in some cases. My advice would be to consult a nutritionist or follow guidelines set out by highly accredited companies e.g. weight watchers or slimming world (not a promotion, merely an example).

I’ve pondered the thought of going after a diet such a Slimming World myself, I fear I will lose muscle mass though as they seem to dislike any fat – which is vital to the production of testosterone which promotes muscle growth. So instead, I’m taking some advice that I gave myself a long time ago which actually helped. You can read the article here. Using the plan mentioned on the other blog post, I could lose weight relatively quickly, preserve and even grow muscle mass whilst keeping the fat levels extremely low.

Remember for any diet to work properly, you have to keep an active and healthy lifestyle, so try to go for a 1-hour walk every day. I talk about the benefits of walking here.

That’s all for today, I’ll speak to you guys soon with results on my efforts – Hopefully, in the form of a YouTube video to show off my new body; so be sure to subscribe to my channel!

Keep hustlin’

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