Daily Vlog – It was such a boring day

Day 2

So it’s day two of the daily vlog challenge and I’ve got to be honest, It’s proving much harder than I had anticipated. Especially when there is nothing going on!

The first video was a HIT! Reaching 16 views in under 24 hours is something I’ve never seen before on my channel. I know that’s nothing compared to PewDiePie and the other people at the top, but for a 40 subscriber channel – that suits me fine :). Oh and of course, I forgot to mention, I gained 2 subscribers yesterday which put me up to 40 subscribers! I’ve reached that goal, how many more weeks until 50 now? That’s not to mention the lovely people that followed my blog as well this week.

Anyway, it was a difficult task to get some video content for day 2 of the vlogging challenge. The cards were definitely¬†against me but, I suppose those hardships are merely walls we must climb to better ourselves. We must charge against¬†adversity and push past the obstacles that stand in our way. Thankfully, I have some incredible friends and family who support me every step of the way, even when I don’t want them to!

However, if you insist on watching the video, you can see it here. I’ll warn you, though. It’s mainly me just talking to myself in the hope somebody is listening haha.

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I’m open to any feedback you may have so please, let rip. My ears are wide open and I’ll keep my lips sealed (just try to be kind!).


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