Why you should train with a partner

Work out partners in the gym

Today I got thinking about the pro’s and cons of having a workout partner. In many respects a workout partner becomes family. You see them on a near enough daily basis, you spend time together where many people would be uncomfortable. You push and support each other.

Things can get tricky with workout partners though. This is especially true if you aren’t after the same goals.

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New Diet, New Me – My challenge to confront HIIT and low carb diets

Clean eating - small portions

I have recently decided I needed to find out what all the hype is with HIIT workouts and low carb diets. You may have seen my recent blog on HIIT workouts so you’ll already know this.

Anyway, I’ve set myself the task of losing 4kg (8.8lbs) in 4 weeks. It’s going to be tough!

In my first 5 days I have lost 1.1kg (2.3lbs) So I’m on target for now – lets see how my body reacts in the long run.
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HIIT Workouts

Me using battle ropes

So I tried a couple of days of High Intensity Interval Training last week. Some of you may have noticed this on my Instagram or Facebook page, if you didn’t be sure to click on the links and start following me. Oh and don’t forget Twitter!

So it’s week one, and I’ve not done anything different with regards to my eating and drinking habits. It’s all pretty regular; no diet as such, just keeping an eye on the calories.

Remarkably I have lost 1.1kg (or 2.3lbs), where as before I had plateaued and actually started gaining weight! So why has this happened? Have I shocked my body into losing more weight? Continue reading “HIIT Workouts”

Cardio or Resistance training for Weight loss

Squatting in the gym

Over my few years of training, both for weight loss and weight gain. I have come across many people telling me I need to do one thing or the other. Many personal trainers have told me that cardiovascular training exercises actually hinder muscle growth, or worse, eat away at your muscles. I have also been told that cardio can help you put on weight. Here are some of my own findings. Continue reading “Cardio or Resistance training for Weight loss”