My Confessions of Sin

Forgive me lord, for I have sinned. I have preached and failed to follow. Now I confess, to move forwards.

Over the past two weeks I have travelled with work to prepare events that we are hosting. One in London (England – UK) and one in Dublin (Ireland).

It’s been hard. I’ve had to cut a few corners, to perform my duties for work. But it gave me the awesome opportunity to write blogs whilst on the road. Continue reading “My Confessions of Sin”

Training whilst travelling


Being able to exercise whilst on the move is difficult at the best of times. I have been on the road a lot over the past couple of weeks. Well, actually, it was more like in the air and on a track (plane and train).

So it has been difficult for me to workout whilst I’ve been travelling. Last week I was in Dublin, this week I am on my travels to London. So how am I fitting this into my workout routine?

Well, that’s simple; you don’t find time for working out. You have to make time! Continue reading “Training whilst travelling”

Why you should train with a partner

Work out partners in the gym

Today I got thinking about the pro’s and cons of having a workout partner. In many respects a workout partner becomes family. You see them on a near enough daily basis, you spend time together where many people would be uncomfortable. You push and support each other.

Things can get tricky with workout partners though. This is especially true if you aren’t after the same goals.

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New Diet, New Me – My challenge to confront HIIT and low carb diets

Clean eating - small portions

I have recently decided I needed to find out what all the hype is with HIIT workouts and low carb diets. You may have seen my recent blog on HIIT workouts so you’ll already know this.

Anyway, I’ve set myself the task of losing 4kg (8.8lbs) in 4 weeks. It’s going to be tough!

In my first 5 days I have lost 1.1kg (2.3lbs) So I’m on target for now – lets see how my body reacts in the long run.
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