True or False – 5 Workout myths – Can you out train a bad diet?

Hi all, sorry it has been a while since I have been posting. I have recently started my studying to become a Personal Trainer. It’s been much more intense than I thought it would be, I mean, who would have thought that the thing responsible for fat is the bone! Yes, that’s right, the yellow bone marrow produces Triglycerides which promotes the fat build up!

Anyway, I’m going to run a series of True or False – 5 commonly believed workout myths. (Thanks to @TheLondonFella on Twitter for the idea!)

I’m going to start off with whether or not you can out train a bad diet. It’s worth noting that this is based on anecdotal evidence using my own body as a test subject.

This breaks down into two main areas, Cardio and Resistance Training. Continue reading “True or False – 5 Workout myths – Can you out train a bad diet?”

Killer Chest Workout

Hey guys, hows it going?

I had a bit of a killer chest session on Tuesday, I know that isn’t International Chest Day, but it is my chest day. I worked out with my old gym buddy again this time because I really wanted to kill it. 2 days on and my arms are still killing me!

What is your chest workout? Well, actually it’s really simple. Like, ridiculously simple. You’ll probably end up asking ‘Is that it? Are you kidding me?’ Well, I’ll tell you what, if you try this and you ain’t tired, I’ll give you a medal myself because you, my friend, are a warrior.

So, let’s get started then.

Start off with 20-30 push ups depending on your strength level. Personally, I do 20 because I don’t have much muscle stamina (I’m working on it okay!)

Secondly, I want you to grab a bench, put it on an incline and grab a comfortably weighted barbell so that you can push out 20 reps.

Next up the weight by 10kg and push for 12 reps.

Then, up it by a further 10kg and push out 6-8 reps.

Here’s the fun part. Take all the plates off and perform a burnout set. You should reach anywhere between 20-50 depending on the amount of muscle stamina you have. I personally got to 34.

Now I want you to repeat the above steps on a standard bench press (without the incline) and again for the decline bench press.

So, your pretty tired right now aren’t you? Well, we aren’t giving up there.

I want you to perform exactly the same workout pattern with dumbell flies. Now don’t chicken out on me and use the chest fly machine, use the dumbells to help build your core as well!

Hopefully, you’ll be burning for days and you’ll feel pumped up. You’ll probably hate me tomorrow morning, and for the next week in fact, but you can thank me later.

Happy workout people!

I’m starting to post video’s on Youtube and my social media profiles, so be sure to stop by and check them out at YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and my Facebook Page.

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Never forget leg day!

I’ve been training for over 5 years now. I’ve taught a few people too (not professionally, just as a friend). The one thing I have learned over the years is that too many people skip leg day. There is no real reason for this, they just don’t like it.

I could go on and on with the reasons why you should never skip leg day, but here are a few of the biggest reasons. Continue reading “Never forget leg day!”

Cutting guide – Week 1 results

Kettle Bell swings

As many of you will be aware, I have been cutting for a week. What that meant for me on my chosen plan, was lots of heavy lifting and cardio acceleration (1 minute of cardio between sets instead of a rest period).

Well, let me start off by saying I’m disappointed with the results. I’ve been on it for 7 days, I’ve been eating lower calories than the guide suggested (2400 kcal instead of 2500 kcal). Somehow, despite all the training, the calorie deficit, and determination; I’ve managed to gain 1lb in weight, or 3lbs over the past 2 weeks. Continue reading “Cutting guide – Week 1 results”

My Workout Routine

I don’t claim my workout routine is the best or anything of the sort for that matter, but, I do trust my routine! It has got me results for years. Well… When I say it works, it means if I get noticeably stronger in a short space of time.

Anyway, getting to the point. I tend to start off my workouts with a 20 minute warm up with some form of cardio. More often than not, I’ll just jump on a treadmill or the elliptical. Depends on how hardcore I’m feeling or how much I want to lose weight (the elliptical is always easier!).

Continue reading “My Workout Routine”