The Importance of Tracking ALL Calories

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Calories are a confusing thing for most people. Bodybuilders have it down to a tea with their ‘obsession’. But, it really is so straight forward!

People find it confusing because they think they need to know everything about how calories work and how it affects their bodies. In actual fact, there is an awful lot of nonsense regarding calories (please take that with a theoretical pinch of salt); so who can blame you for being confused? Continue reading “The Importance of Tracking ALL Calories”

True or False – 5 Workout myths – 6 meals a day to get ripped

Do you have to eat 6 meals a day to get ripped

Hey you guys, I’ve recently been experimenting with intermittent fasting.  Which means my breakfast consist of nothing and my lunch consists of all of the same, nothing.

Personally, I think I have chosen the wrong time to do it with Summer being upon us and thunderstorms raging. This means it is incredibly hot and I get incredibly hungry. Continue reading “True or False – 5 Workout myths – 6 meals a day to get ripped”

A little rant about Dieting

Hi, everybody! It’s been a while, I know, I’m sorry!

As the majority of you will know, I have started a Personal Training course and my oh my is it hard! For a level 2 (GCSE) qualification, it is intense! I don’t know what I have gotten into!

Anyway, Dieting…

So a lot of you may have heard about carb free diets, the old school fat-free diets and so on. Well, there is a very good explanation for this and I’ll go into a little more detail in a minute. Bit first I’d like to take a look at personal goals. It boils down to 3 top questions.

  1. What are my weight and body fat % today?
  2. How much weight do I need to lose to get to my desired body?
  3. Do I want to retain the muscle or put it back on after?

Seems simple enough, right? Well, yeah, it is really simple but people often try to accomplish too many things at once, for example, I tried gaining muscle mass whilst losing fat… Guess what guys, it’s a bloody long process! I definitely look better than I used to but my goal has always been to be slim and defined – I’m still overweight and bulky!

One of the major problems for most people trying to lose weight and build muscle is that they still jump on the scales every week and get disheartened by a lack of overall weight loss. This is due to the muscle being twice the weight of fat.

So what is next?

Using question 1 and 2, set yourself a goal to lose x amount of weight. Now, if you restrict your calories enough, then you will be able to reach that goal before you know it (but don’t starve yourself!)

The next question is, what is going to help you accelerate the weight loss. Now, I’m talking about cardio and resistance training. What is your goal here? do you just want to shed the extra pounds or do you want to retain as much muscle as possible? If you just want to shed the pounds then I’d say use cardio as your main form of exercise. If you want to lose fat and keep the muscle then please use resistance training as your foundation for exercise. That’s not to say, skip the cardio, though.

The Dieting part!

As promised let’s talk about these two types of dieting and why they have been misleading you for years.

Fat-free diets – There’s a reason this came about and its because per gramme of fat there are 8 calories within. Compare that with protein and carbohydrates at 4 calories per gramme, there’s a big difference when it comes to all the food on your plate.

Carb-free diets – Now let’s face it, every regular gym junkie knows about the carb free diets and how carbs just get stored as fat because carbs are sugar, and carbs are empty calories in the form of bread, potatoes and pasta. If we replace these carbs for lighter options, such as salad – you’ll still fill yourself up without getting fat. (I never thought I’d say it but leafy greens are the best option!)

High Protein Dieting

Let’s get one thing straight, whenever we think about diets, we think about all the things we can have. How for the majority of diets, we can’t have potatoes or bread. I’ve even heard people say to me that I shouldn’t eat carrots for crying out loud! But what I’m trying to say it that all these diets cut out carbs and fats for a reason, because you can live with a little bit of fat and 0 carbs but, your body is always going to need those protein strands.

So if you want a successful dieting plan, replace your calorie dense carbs with lighter options, but eat as much poultry, fish, beef and Quorn as you like – just try to cut back on the cooking oil!

Rant over, happy dieting 😀


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