True or False – 5 Workout myths – If you’re not sweating, you’re not making gains

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Hey, guys, I’ve been running a few blogs on True or False – 5 commonly believed workout myths. (Thanks to @TheLondonFella on Twitter for the idea!)

This post ties in nicely with the last blog post No Pain, No Gain.

To start this off, I want to use some of my own anecdotal evidence to suggest that you don’t need to leave the gym, dripping with sweat to get hench. I know one of my friends (@SirIkeir) only sweats on his shins whilst he works out. Weird right? But don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a noticeable amount, but he just doesn’t sweat anywhere else. On the other hand, I can’t have a workout without my head dripping. Gross!

Anyway, my friend still seems to get pretty damn hench – in fact, he is making the most progress I have ever seen him gain. So much so that his strength is starting to surpass mine. 🙁

However, if you are not sweating, the likelihood is that you won’t be burning much fat Remember the more you workout the more you sweat as your body is trying to cool itself down. If you don’t have much fat covering your body, you won’t sweat that much.

Fat loss and sweating

Let’s break this down. If you’re trying to lose weight, you should be sweating. That doesn’t mean you need to go to the gym in your hoody and baggy tracksuit to sweat the most you can – granted you will lose more weight, you won’t necessarily lose more fat!

You want to be pushing yourself damn near your limit, exerting as much energy as you possibly can so that you burn all of those calories and lose the fat. You can do this during spin sessions, running, jogging, swimming etc. Anything that requires some cardiovascular exertion. In fact, HIIT sessions might be your best tool here.

Muscle growth and sweating

Sweating when you’re trying to put on muscle isn’t really necessary from what I have experienced. If your goal is to get shredded then you should definitely be sweating, but if you are purely focusing on muscle growth then you shouldn’t need to sweat. Like I say, though, I can’t go through a single resistance training session without having at least one bead roll down my forehead.


Overall, you don’t need to sweat to get the most out of the gym. If you are doing cardiovascular work then yes, you should be sweating. If you are just resistance training then you don’t need to sweat at all.

Thanks for reading this weeks post on the 5 commonly believed workout myths. Come back next week to hear some more on this!

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True or False – 5 Workout myths – Can you out train a bad diet?

Hi all, sorry it has been a while since I have been posting. I have recently started my studying to become a Personal Trainer. It’s been much more intense than I thought it would be, I mean, who would have thought that the thing responsible for fat is the bone! Yes, that’s right, the yellow bone marrow produces Triglycerides which promotes the fat build up!

Anyway, I’m going to run a series of True or False – 5 commonly believed workout myths. (Thanks to @TheLondonFella on Twitter for the idea!)

I’m going to start off with whether or not you can out train a bad diet. It’s worth noting that this is based on anecdotal evidence using my own body as a test subject.

This breaks down into two main areas, Cardio and Resistance Training. Continue reading “True or False – 5 Workout myths – Can you out train a bad diet?”