An update on my diet

I hope everybody had a great Easter! Sorry it has been so long since my last blog. I’ve not had the time or focus to even think about publishing a blog. But anyway, I’m back!

So my diet started off really well, I felt like I was making good progress. I was losing fat and gaining muscle – after all, it is all about those gains. 😉

I’ve had to take a break however, as now, it seems like I can never focus. Even the things I enjoy most are suffering. My blog, the gym, running and even watching my favourite football (soccer) team.

I decided I had to take action.

I was at the point where I was going to the gym, purely because I had to. I wasn’t feeling any benefit. I wasn’t even seeing much benefit, but to be fair, I never do.

Anyway, I have felt like this for about a month now. I thought it was just the build up to managing events with work, but it isn’t that.

3 weeks ago, I decided I would cut caffeine to a minimal. I was still having normal drinks, but I stopped drinking coffee and fizzy pop. Wow have I seen a difference!

I was on a 1600 calorie Diet, I have now upped this to 2,200 because I have figured out I’m burning on average about 2,700 calories every day.

I’m starting to feel better, but I’m still not quite there. I still feel like I could push harder in the gym. I’m starting to lose weight again as well! Something I wasn’t doing before because I ended up ignoring my diet. :O

I’ve just finished 4 weeks of high repetition, endurance workouts and now I can go back to strength training with lower repetitions.

I’m hoping with the change to my diet and my exercise regimen I can finally start feeling myself again. However, I do have a big night out coming up with a few old friends. An update on that will come on Sunday.

I also became an Ambassador for Progress Gym Wear. They have an awesome choice of clothing, hopefully I’ll look as good as some of their models by the end of the year. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that one eh?

Anyway, check out their clothing line here.

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