A guilt free week away from the gym

A lot of people feel bad about not going to the gym for a day. Many people say it is terrible because it’s a sign of becoming lazy!

So why did I see a need to take a full week off and why did I feel so good about it?

I did it because I was TIRED and I feel great for it.

Good reasons for having a break from the gym

If you’re like myself and you find that after a few months of going to the gym you’re feeling fatigued, it might be that you need a rest. But more importantly you need to mix things up a little.

The same goes for when you’re sick. You wont be making much progress if you’re not up for the challenge – especially if your body is in defense mode.

Bad excuses for ducking out.

“I’ve had a hard day”… There are so many excuses in the world and this is my biggest pet peeve. Having a hard day should be your reason for going to the gym. If you’ve had a bad day the best thing you can do is vent some stress!

“I’ve not had chance to eat yet”… So what? You use protein shakes… Protein shakes are a great source of energy before you go to the gym so quickly get one down you and let’s go and pump some iron!

So why is resting good for you?

Rest, just as anybody can tell you is vital for the revitalisation of your body. If your body isn’t repairing itself then something is wrong.

For many people a lack of sleep and proper rest in this busy world of which we live is the founding cause. So if we have a busy day ahead of us at work, then we have to find time for friends and family, and then of course the gym. By the time we get home its time for bed and then we have to start again tomorrow.

All that stress is just making us a ticking time bomb. Eventually if we don’t rest for just a moment, something is bound to go terribly wrong!

Why does something so right feel so wrong?

Well that’s simple; throughout our lives, we have been taught that we must be proactive and busy all the time. After all, being busy means that we are being productive… right?

I’m sorry to say but that just isn’t true. Over the past few decades companies and employees have talked about work / life balance. It is scientifically proven that the busier you are, the less productive you become.

The same goes for your workout routine. If you are just going to the gym to keep yourself busy, your body won’t have a chance to catch up. This will result in fewer gains and a higher chance of injury.


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